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slmgr.vbs file information

File name




File type

VBScript Script File


113629 bytes (110.97 KB)

Size on disk

114688 bytes (112.00 KB)

Cluster size

4096 bytes (4.00 KB)

Operating system

Windows XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7 / 8 / Server 2012 / Linux / Macintosh / Symbian / Android / iOS


6/10/2009 2:38:48 PM


6/10/2009 2:38:48 PM


6/10/2009 2:38:48 PM











I'm not sure why slmgr.vbs is installed on my computer?

You probably have no idea why slmgr.vbs appears on your system. We have put together some information about it here.

When you see strange processes similar to slmgr.vbs they usually originate from the software you've installed. Because the majority of applications store information in your system's registry it is a possibility that it has become fragmented and these invalid entries are causing your system to perform poorly i.e. crashing, errors and slowdowns. The best way out is to identify the problem and fix your registry.

You can find detailed information about the file including developer, path, version number, etc. via KnownFile.com.

FixCleaner works by listing these processes and provides you with a list of suggested tools which can be used to uninstall or close the program. More information can be found on search engines like Google and the reliability of the file can be checked with Avast!.

While KnownFile.com does not provide in-depth information it does however work as advertised.

Using FixCleaner users will know what is running on their system.

Are you not 100% sure about something running on your computer? What is really happening? There are times antivirus programs are not able to detect these issues so the real cause of the problem remains a mystery. If you are not sure why is your PC performing poorly resulting in crashes, missing files, and errors then KnownFile.com will brief you!

There are times when your hard disk's light will flash continuously signaling that it is not working properly or your CPU fan will sound loudly. These things may be happening even though you're not working on your computer. So why is this happening? The answer to this is difficult to say the least.

The best solution right now is to use FixCleaner which will tell you why you are experiencing these problems. It will tell you which programs are not working as they should, which need to be uninstalled, and what you can do to fix these errors. All of this is possible using free FixCleaner this will save you from a lot of future stress.

Is slmgr.vbs malicious?

How to remove or clean slmgr.vbs?

The majority of processes which have nothing to do with the system can be frozen. You should scan your system to identify any unused processes squandering resources. In order to freeze slmgr.vbs you should uninstall the application it belongs to. However, if there are invalid registry entries left post un-installation they can accumulate and cause problems. You should run a free scan to determine how to exactly optimize your system and software's performance.

Is slmgr.vbs resource intensive?

This may not be causing your CPU to slow down. But rather having too many of these processes running is taking its toll on your system's performance. In order to reduce this overload you will need to use Microsoft's configuration utility to disable the unwanted processes which often launch when you start your computer. Alternatively, you can install FixCleaner which automatically scans and finds unused processes.

Is slmgr.vbs the source of the errors?

Issues which are related to a process are usually caused by the main program that is running it. The best and safest way to stop all these errors is to uninstall the program and then run a system scan that automatically finds unused process and various unused services which are consuming resources.

The safest route to stop errors is to simply uninstall the application and then scan the system to find issues which include bad registry entries that are slowing things down.

slmgr.vbs spewing error messages

There are a number of ways in which slmgr.vbs can show up on your system. Below are some of the most common ways in which you will see slmgr.vbs errors:

• "Unable to find slmgr.vbs."

• "The application didn't start because slmgr.vbs is missing. Please re-install the program to fix this issue."

• "Unable to determine [PATH]\slmgr.vbs."

• "slmgr.vbs is not present."

• "Unable to start [APPLICATION] the needed component does not have slmgr.vbs. Re-install the program to resolve this issue."

slmgr.vbs related error messages will be seen when trying to use or install other programs, also when the operating system boots or is about to shut down, or it may be when installing an operating system.

It is important that you know the context of the error associated with slmgr.vbs since it can be very helpful in fixing the problem.

What causes slmgr.vbs errors

Errors relating to slmgr.vbs are usually caused by situations that lead to the corruption or removal of the slmgr.vbs from your system.

At times these errors may indicate a problem with the registry, a malware or virus issue and even hardware issues.

There are a multitude of possibilities behind what causes slmgr.vbs errors. Below are the most common ones:

• A virus infection: A virus can cause havoc with your computer. Once it enters into the Windows operating system it will alter things like the system registry, delete files, damage system files, etc. And so if your system gets attacked by a virus it will infect slmgr.vbs.

• The program you installed is not compatible with the computer's software. The software could have a number of bugs and so these bugs can also cause numerous issues with your computer.

• The software you have installed is corrupted. Software which is not installed correctly, or with some files missing, will trigger error messages.

• Your system's registry is fragmented. The Windows Registry is the core of the Windows operating system. When the registry becomes corrupt with invalid and bad entries Windows becomes unstable and you see errors.

Fixing slmgr.vbs related errors

IMPORTANT: You shouldn't download slmgr.vbs directly from "files download" websites. There are a number of reasons why you shouldn't download the file. If you want a copy of the slmgr.vbs you should get it from a legitimate source. We can help you with this.


You should read all the information relating to slmgr.vbs prior to downloading it. Take the right steps to clean and then repair the operating system.

Prior to installing a fresh copy of slmgr.vbs make sure to repair your system in order to prevent freezing and crashing using FixCleaner.

You should first scan your computer for viruses. Many viruses will delete files and even if the virus has been removed you will still face the same issues as you did with the viruses on your computer. If your antispyware or antivirus software is not good enough you should try a good security program.

Make sure to update your drivers and install the latest version of all the software. This can help you fix many errors caused by numerous software bugs which in turn will improve performance.

• If slmgr.vbs does not exist then try reinstalling the software. This will fix the problem in most cases.

You should delete invalid registry entries. Just open up your registry editor, locate and delete those entries.

NOTE: We recommend that only experts delete entries from the registry. If you are not an advanced user use an automatic slmgr.vbs error fixing tool to fix these and other similar errors.

NOTE: Boot up your Windows operating system into Safe Mode in order to complete the following steps if you are not able to get into your operating system normally because of a slmgr.vbs error.

1. slmgr.vbs will need to be restored from the Recycle Bin. One reason it may be missing is because you deleted it by mistake.

If you think that slmgr.vbs has been deleted accidentally and you've emptied your Recycle Bin, it is possible to recover the slmgr.vbs using a free program.

IMPORTANT: You should opt for recovering a deleted slmgr.vbs if you are very sure that you've deleted it by mistake and that your system was fine prior to that.

2. Make sure to run a complete malware/virus scan of your system. There are a number of slmgr.vbs errors which are related to malware infections and viruses which may have damaged the file. Perhaps the errors you are seeing are because a hostile program is masquerading as a legitimate file.

3. You can use System Restore to undo any changes you've recently made to the system. If you think that slmgr.vbs error was because something was changed in the configuration file restoring your system should solve the issue.

4. You should reinstall the program which depends on slmgr.vbs. If you still see errors pertaining to slmgr.vbs when using a certain program a fresh install should help to replace the corrupted file.

IMPORTANT: You should try to complete this step. This is a highly likely solution to the errors you're experiencing.

5. You should update all hardware device drivers relating to slmgr.vbs. For instance if you get a "The slmgr.vbs file is missing" error when you start a 3D game you should update the drivers relating to the video card installed in your computer.

NOTE: There is a chance that slmgr.vbs is not related to your video card the above was just an example. The idea is to pay very close attention to the error's context to troubleshoot it more efficiently.

6. You should roll back your driver to a version which was previously installed if you started getting slmgr.vbs related errors post updating your device drivers.

7. Make sure that your operating system is updated. Many patches and service packs will replace numerous files on your computer with fixed ones. These will most probably include slmgr.vbs file.

8. Make sure to test your system's memory and hard disk. It is easy to test your computer's memory and hardware and it is likely that the components are causing the slmgr.vbs related errors because they are failing.

If you see that your hardware has failed any one of the tests you should replace the memory or your hard disk immediately.

9. Repair Windows installation. If you are not able to fix the issues you are facing with the above solution you may have to perform an installation repair procedure. This should help to restore all system files to their original working state.

10. You can download for FREE a registry cleaner to remove or fix the slmgr.vbs and related issues. This free program will help by removing the invalid slmgr.vbs from the registry which may be causing a DLL error.

11. You should perform a clean operating system installation. By installing your operating system from scratch by wiping clean your hard disk you're starting fresh which should fix the problem you're having. This action should be taken if all the steps above cannot fix the slmgr.vbs error.

IMPORTANT: You should be aware of the fact that all the data on your hard drive will be wiped out. This is why make sure that you've done everything to fix the errors relating to slmgr.vbs using the above troubleshooting steps.

12. You will need to troubleshoot hardware related problems if the slmgr.vbs errors continue. Once you've installed your operating system from scratch if the problem persists then it's a hardware issue.

APPLIES TO: This slmgr.vbs related error message can apply to any program or a system which may use this file. This will include Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Symbian, Linux, Android, Windows 8, and iOS.

Is it slmgr.vbs safe or is it a threat?

Currently slmgr.vbs has no review with its attributes defined. If you need to check the MD5 for the file simply copy its MD5 and then search using Google. We rate this file as SAFE. This rating is based on discovered date, reviews, antivirus scan results and user experience.

Do you suspect this file? Is your system running very slow? Are you experiencing suspicious behavior? We strongly recommend you use a free computer scan using our award winning system tool.

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